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All of my work is about memory, nostalgia for a home I don't yet have and a deep desire to find a place where I belong. I started working with these collaged images in grad school, amalgamations of myself as a child with houses I lived in throughout my life. At first, I was using found wallpaper patterns, but recently began drawing my own repeating patterns using elements that provoke happy memories for myself.


These plates are handbuilt and the patterns are handcarved. The figure is hand drawn on newsprint and then transferred to the plate. Each one includes lustre details and is approximately 9 inches in diameter. The glazes are food safe, so they can be used for special occasions or to add some joy to everyday meals.


All plates are hand built and hand decorated, meaning no two are ever exactly the same. I use a clear, matte glaze over hand carved line work, inlaid with coloured slip. My glazes have been tested for food safety. Ones with lustre are NOT microwave safe, and I always recommend hand washing for longevity.

east coast house head plate

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