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Artist Statement


I have spent my life traveling and moving from place to place, and my work aims to capture small moments of happiness and a fleeting sense of belonging. I’ve spent a long time searching for a home, both a physical structure and an emotional connection to a place. I think of the repeating patterns I design as wallpaper, as a representation of the house I dream of owning someday and of my own interior repeating memories. I worked seasonally as a fire lookout for a decade, which meant hours upon hours staring at clouds. The clouds in my work also stand for nostalgia, daydreaming, and contemplation. I have been given reason and time to intimately consider what I want and need in a home, and I’m still searching with a vague notion of what it is I’m looking for.

Making and using hand crafted pots and objects is a way for me to examine both my ideas of home and the significance of the objects I keep. As a handbuilder, I am interested in the moments where two parts of an object meet, and have recently begun to explore ways of highlighting that piecing together and of leaving my mark in that space. I own a lot of pots from other makers, and each one represents a memory of an experience, or interaction, or connection. Handmade pots and objects have always been a means of connection for me - physical connection with the piece in my hands and emotional connection to a memory. I hope to achieve that same feeling of connection with others through my own pots. I want to encourage people to buy something beautifully crafted to use daily in their home.

I work in series, constantly making small changes, finding and repeating what works, and discarding that which I no longer connect to. My work focuses on memory and nostalgia, longing and belonging. It’s about my ongoing search for a home.


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