Artist Statement


I have spent my life traveling and moving from place to place. My nomadic tendencies began in childhood when my dad changed jobs often and I’ve continued to constantly relocate for school, residencies, seasonal work, and love. I’ve spent several summers working in the Canadian forest in total isolation. Due to the combination of these circumstances, I have been given reason and time to intimately consider what I want and need in a home. My art process focuses on contemplating what makes a home. Is it the physical building, the objects we surround ourselves with, the relationship between the inhabitants? 

Making and using hand crafted pots and objects is a way for me to examine both my ideas of home and the significance of the objects I keep. I want to encourage people to buy something beautifully crafted to use daily in their home.

In my most recent body of work, I’ve been focusing on memory and nostalgia and the dream-like sense of longing that comes with recalling my own childhood. I combine images of myself as a child, images of houses I have lived in, and vintage wallpaper patterns in an attempt to evoke a feeling of sentimentality in the viewers and users of my work. This work is about memory, nostalgia, longing and belonging. It’s about my ongoing search for a home. 



builderburner ceramics 

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Contemporary Canadian Handbuilt Ceramics in Cape Breton, Canada